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  • Earldom Eh138 Desktop Phone Holder


    Earldom Eh138 Desktop Phone Holder

    Model: ET-EH138
    Earldom New Desktop Phone Holder
    Multi-Angel Free Adjustment
    Compatible with most phones free your hands

  • Huawei F317 Gsm Land Phone


    Huawei F317 Gsm Land Phone

    Huawei F317 Fixed Wireless Phone:

    1. With Voice function

    2. With SMS Function

    General Features:- Receiving and Sending messages- SIM card and fixed platform

    support phone book and backup

    functions- 5 families are key dial-up keys- 64 bell chords- Support 1800MHz / GSM 900- Support handle or hands-free

    conversation- Supports emergency call business- Standard TNC antenna and antenna contians indoors,- Support receive

    and send short messages- Support 10 types of 64 telephone.

  • Sony PS 4 Wireless Controller Camo


    Best Authentic Sony Brand Official Controller Ever
    2 Year Extended Warranty
    Latest Model- dualshock 4 CUH- ZCT2
    Never freezes at all or shuts down even when new firmware is updated on consoles
    Wonderfully ergonomic with responsive D-Pad and best triggers
    Extended battery life for longer Gaming
    Great sense of control for all games
    Built-in speaker and stereo headset jack,
    Product Line: Adepeju store
    Model: PS4 Dualshock4
    Weight (kg): 0.4
    From the Manufacturer: N/A