Apple Airpods Max Wireless Over-ear Headphones – Pink

Apple Airpods Max Wireless Over-ear Headphones – Pink


Apple Airpods Max Wireless Over-ear Headphones – Pink
Active Noise Cancellation
Up to 20 Hours of Playback
Knit Mesh Canopy Reduces Pressure
3 Mics with Beamforming for Clear Calls
Support for Siri Personal Assistant
Transparency Mode Lets Sound Back In
On-Head Detection for Auto Play/Pause
Digital Crown Control for Audio & Siri
Soft Memory Foam Earcups
Smart Case Included


Apple Airpods Max Wireless Over-ear Headphones – Pink
Combining premium materials and advanced audio technology, the silver Apple AirPods Max wireless over-ear headphones are a comfortable way to immerse yourself in your favorite audio. They are made to rest lightly on your head and ears with a breathable knit mesh canopy and mesh textile-wrapped memory foam earcups. Inside, dynamic drivers with dual neodymium ring magnets work to deliver clear sound with deep bass. Active noise cancellation technology enhances this passive immersion by actively neutralizing ambient sounds with anti-noise.

The AirPods Max is ideal for any kind of audio entertainment, but with movies, they make you feel like you’re part of the action. This is due to the Airpods Max’s use of spatial audio and dynamic head tracking to better simulate the audio that surrounds you. You can use them with a variety of Bluetooth-compatible Apple devices, but when paired with an iPhone, you can utilize three built-in microphones and beamforming technology to make clear hands-free calls or interact with Siri. You can do all of this and more for up to 20 hours for a full charge.

Active Noise Cancellation
Apple uses six outward-facing microphones to measure distracting ambient sounds and then neutralizes it with anti-noise. This is meant to isolate you with only the audio you want to hear. During playback two additional inward-facing microphones measure what you’re hearing, and then use adaptive EQ to adjust frequencies for a consistent experience and faithful audio reproduction.


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