Boya By-Wm8 Pro-K1 Wireless Microphone

Boya By-Wm8 Pro-K1 Wireless Microphone


Boya By-Wm8 Pro-K1 Wireless Microphone

Ideal for interviews, ENG/EFP, DSLR Video, etc.

Compander for High-quality and Clear sound

Dual-Channel Wireless Receiver

48 UHF Channels

Selectable STEREO/MONO Mode

Plug and Record Functionality

Programmable Mute function

Mic and Line-in

Camera-Mountable Receiver

Monitoring sound by headphone output (Receiver)

Includes Omni-Directional Lavalier Mic

Includes XLR output cable, Stereo mini plug cable

More than 6 Hours of Continuous Operation

Operation range can reach up to 100m(300′) (without obstacle)

Power Supply: Two ( x3 ) AA batteries


Boya By-Wm8 Pro-K1 Wireless Microphone

The BOYA BY-WM8 is a UHF Dual-Channel wireless microphone system, designed

for ENG, EFP, DSLR video, and dual-Channel can work with two transmitters,

perfect for interviews as well.

The receiver and the transmitters are lightweight and simple menus to operate.

It can be worked in one to two ways (one receiver to two transmitters), or one to one way

(one receiver to one transmitter).


RF output power: 20 mW

Antenna: Flexible

Spurious emission: 250 nW or less

Audio input connector: 3.5mm mini jack

Audio input level: 600 mV-2000 mV

Reference deviation: ±7KHz (-60 dBV, 1 KHz input)

Input frequency range: 20 Hz-20 KHz

Power supply: Two AA batteries

Operation time: 6 hours


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