Digital Pen Voice Recorder Sk-025 Best Buy

Digital Pen Voice Recorder Sk-025 Best Buy


1. Metal alloy pen recorder 16G memory capacity.
2. Recording while writing
3. Replaceable ink refill
4. Back clippable design
5. Fast forward & rewind
6. Easy file deletion
7. Documents encryption
8. HD noise reduction
9. Voice activation
10. Playback recording
11. Mp3 player
12. Flashdrive function
13. Otg mobile phone access.
14. Long-distance recording
15. Date & time stamp
16. Lossless player function.

1. Ball pen recorder 16G
2. Data cable
3. Earphone
4. Manual.


Digital Pen Voice Recorder Sk-025 Best Buy


This is a smart and superb voice recorder in ball pen design. Apart from being a voice recorder it also writes like a normal ball pen. It is a dual nonsuspicious spy recorder for both manual and voice activation.
Think about it:
Write as you record lectures as a student. You can’t miss anything when it is recorded.
Jot as you record in any meeting be it a board meeting or any other.
Record your business agreements or any other as you discuss and write with your partner.
Jot and record church sermons as you listen.
Be in control of your discussions simultaneously as you talk, listen, and record, absolutely no moment to miss. You cannot hear and remember everything but you can record and recall everything.
It comes in high processing precision with an alloy metal body resistant to pressure, wears, and corrosion. Its design is sleek and en vogue without selecting personality but indicative of class and position.


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