Digital Voice Recorder Sk-288 Best Buy

Digital Voice Recorder Sk-288 Best Buy



Product name: Multifunctional Digital Voice Recorder

Optional memory capacity: 8GB / 16GB

Press and Record/Stop/Save/Play/Pause

Recording file storage Format: WAV

LCD display

Telephone recording

MP3 player, compatible with multiple audio formats

Low-battery automatic save function while recording

Drive free, USB 2.0 universal interface, high speed data transmission

Portable data storage function

Built-in high-sensitivity microphone

Built-in high quality speakers


Digital Voice Recorder Sk-288 Best Buy

Multifunctional Digital Voice Recorder with Phone Recording and MP3 Player, up to 20 Hours of Continuous Recording and 7 Hours of Playing, Suitable for Lectures, Meetings, Interviews, and Class

Intelligent Noise Reduction technology, a built-in high-sensitivity microphone, helps to record your Lectures, Meetings, Interviews, and classes clearly.

8 GB large capacity, up to 20 hours of continuous recording (while fully charged), enables you to save more information.

Easy to use: press the “REC” button to start the recording, press the “STOP” button to stop and quickly save the recording, and press the “PLAY/PAUSE” button to play or pause the recording. You can also repeat, fast forward or rewind the recording by pressing the corresponding buttons. Pocket-sized makes it easy to carry around.

By connecting the device to your phone with the provided transfer adapter, you can record your phone conversations.

Also, you can use it as a portable USB data storage device, or as an MP3 player to enjoy the beauty of the music.


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