Huawei F317 Gsm Land Phone

Huawei F317 Gsm Land Phone


Huawei F317 Gsm Land Phone

Huawei F317 Fixed Wireless Phone:

1. With Voice function

2. With SMS Function

General Features:- Receiving and Sending messages- SIM card and fixed platform

support phone book and backup

functions- 5 families are key dial-up keys- 64 bell chords- Support 1800MHz / GSM 900- Support handle or hands-free

conversation- Supports emergency call business- Standard TNC antenna and antenna contians indoors,- Support receive

and send short messages- Support 10 types of 64 telephone.


Huawei F317 Gsm Land Phone

Huawei F317 GSM Office_Home Desktop Phone with SIM Slot.

HUAWEI SINGLE SIM Table Phone offers the solution to make calls at home, office, on the go, etc.

Huawei F317 GSM Fixed Wireless Desktop Phone with SIM card slot, voice call function, and SMS messaging capabilities.

This amazing desktop phone is good for both office and home use.

Switch it off, or forward it to voicemail after office hours.

At home, let it serve as your official home phone that everybody at home has access to.


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