Ldnio Sc10610 Pd/5Usb/10 Sockets Best Buy

Ldnio Sc10610 Pd/5Usb/10 Sockets Best Buy



LDNIO 10 outlets socket 6 USB ports fast charger PD & QC3.0 and Heavy-Duty Power extensions 2500w with Cord 2 meter, heavy-duty power cord. Helps ensure optimal power flow to connected devices and 16 devices can be charged at the same time. Smooth, elegant, and Unique design and every thoughtful detail provide the best experience for you.

30W 6-Port USB Charger Power Strip With 10 Outlets /5 USB / 1 PD USB-C Wall Charger Adapter Fast Charging.

6 protection provided by this includes a Waterproof Switch, Fireproof Material, Child Safety Door, Smart IC, and Thickened Power Cord to SUfficient Hole Interval. The base is fitted with a Non-Slip Mat that keeps it stable and safe from sliding or slipping.


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