Samsung Akg Type-C Headphones Ord.

Samsung Akg Type-C Headphones Ord.


Samsung Akg Type-C Headphones Ord.

Enjoy crystal clear high-quality music with this official pair of Samsung Tuned By AKG In-Ear Headphones in Black. These AKG headphones have type-c connectivity and are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy range and other USB-C devices.


Samsung Akg Type-C Headphones Ord.

With these amazing Samsung Type C earphones, you will get studio sound quality
With the built-in DAC and 2-way speakers tuned by AKG, you can be sure you’ll get clear rich, and balanced sound any time. The earbuds are carefully designed to sit comfortably in your ears so that you can enjoy your favorite music for longer. Fantastic original Samsung Type C earphones tuned by AKG
Made to truly separate left and right signals better than 3.5mm headphones Provides rich and clear sound so that you can enjoy your music to the fullest


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