Ugreen Otg Micro Usb to Usb Adapter

Ugreen Otg Micro Usb to Usb Adapter


Ugreen Otg Micro Usb to Usb Adapter

The small, handy adapter fits perfectly with your MicroUSB smartphone, mobile phone, tablet, and all other devices with a Micro USB connection. Simply connect to charge the MicroUSB device or transfer data with a normal USB-A cable.

Technical specifications

  • Micro USB male on
  • USB A female
  • OTG function
  • Up to a maximum of 2.4 amps
  • Up to 480Mbps
  • USB2.0


Ugreen Otg Micro Usb to Usb Adapter

This UGREEN adapter turns your micro USB connection socket on the Android smartphone, mobile phone, or tablet into a standard USB connection (USB-A).

With the On-The-Go OTG function, you can connect ordinary USB A cables and USB accessories to a smartphone with a MicroUSB socket. You can use your existing USB accessories such as a gamepad, joystick, keyboard, mouse, memory stick, digital camera, video camera, printer, SSD, and many other devices on your smartphone.


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